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On May 13, the "Walk with Love, Reject Anxiety" jointly sponsored by China Carbon Control Technology Network, Shaanxi Xian Research Activity network and Youying International Education was held at Baolong Valley in Qinling Mountains. The event attracted about 20 returning overseas students, middle and high school students, college students, as well as their parents who are interested in psychology.
In the process of students' growth, in addition to physical health, adolescent mental health is increasingly valued. This activity is honored to have Zhang Yichi who majors in psychology in Arizona State University and Li Weijia from Xi'an Technological University to deliver a speech on adolescent mental health.
Zhang Yichi is very concerned about adolescent mental health issues, and he has long been committed to helping teenagers to popularize knowledge about it. He loves this major, and makes unremitting research and study in this field, sharing mental health knowledge for people around and bringing positive improvement.
In his speech, Zhang mainly discussed the sources of stress of teenagers and how to reduce it. He believes that the psychological pressure of teenagers mainly comes from family, interpersonal relationship, and school. To support his claim, he and his team conducted a research on the effect of academic stress on students' GPA. The results found that some students had higher GPA under intense stress, but others not. It has to do with the way students cope with stress. People who face stress with a positive attitude are often better at problem-solving, and studies show that they get better grades when they're under pressure.
To help teenagers change their mindset from negative to positive, Zhang offered several suggestions. Firstly, he stressed that we should not over-map current pressures into the future. It's important to think about the future, but when we're under stress, worrying too much about the possible negative consequences doesn't help us deal with stress. Secondly, he advocated paying attention to the rest time. Stress not only strains our mental state, but also tires our body. At this point, we need enough rest time to relax. He also stressed moderate exercise, as exercise can help release stress and improve mental and physical health.

In addition to personal ways to deal with stress, Zhang also mentioned the important role of parents and friends in alleviating teenagers' stress. As parents or friends, we can encourage and guide teenagers with a positive attitude. We should express our support for them and offer substantial help, such as helping them manage their time, providing guidance on their studies or providing emotional support. At the same time, we should also promote good interpersonal relationships, so that teenagers feel the support and understanding around them. Zhang stressed that support from parents and friends can help teenagers better face pressure and enhance their mental resilience and adaptability.
As a fan of psychology, Zhang also stressed the importance of mental health education in his speech. He believes that by providing information on mental health knowledge and skills, teenagers can better understand and cope with stress and prevent psychological problems. He and his team work on adolescent mental health education, providing students with resources and tools to help them build positive mental states, self-confidence as well as stress resilience.
Zhang Yichi leads by example, and he himself actively practices the mental health lifestyle he advocates. He focuses on self-regulation and mental health care, and constantly enriches his knowledge and skills by reading books related to psychology and participating in professional training. He uses his research and personal experience to promote positive mental health and to encourage others to maintain a positive attitude and effective coping strategies in the face of stress. He uses rich language expressions and vivid metaphors to transform abstract psychological concepts into visualized descriptions that are easy to understand and accept, so that the audience can easily understand and remember them. He is good at using humor to make the speech scene full of laughter and relaxed atmosphere, so that the audience can enjoy pleasant experience while learning knowledge.
Next, we had Li Weijia to deliver a speech. Li Weijia's passion for psychology led her to devote herself to the field of mental health education and services. She founded Beautiful Mind, a we-media platform. By sharing psychological knowledge and experience, she hopes to help more people understand and pay attention to the importance of mental health. As a member of the psychological health counseling group of college students, she actively participates in the psychological counseling work of Xi'an Technological University, caring and helping students deal with psychological problems. In addition, she has long been a volunteer in Xi'an Mental Hospital, providing psychological support and help to patients.
In her speech, Li Weijia introduced the nature and impact of loneliness in a simple way. She made it clear that loneliness is a negative emotion, not exactly the same as being alone. She explained the psychological cause of loneliness, which is subjective dissatisfaction with human relationships. Her clear explanation and concise language made it easier for the audience to understand and accept the idea.

Li then offered advice on how to deal with loneliness. Firstly, she stressed that improving communication skills is an effective way to reduce loneliness. She noted that the development of communication skills, including the use of communication strategies and conflict resolution, is crucial to young people's education. Secondly, she advocated the cultivation of adolescents' healthy personalities, including self-confidence, optimism and stable emotions. These positive personality traits can help them cope better with loneliness and reduce its negative effects.
Furthermore, Li advocated providing social support as an important means to overcome loneliness. Social support includes objective support, such as material assistance and the existence of social relationship networks, as well as subjective support, such as emotional experiences of respect, support and understanding. She believes that adolescents can greatly reduce the incidence of mental illness and overcome loneliness effectively by getting proper social support.
Li showed deep understanding and love of psychology in her speech. Her research and practical experience in psychology enables her to translate complex concepts and theories into simple, understandable language that audiences can easily accept and apply. Her professional background and extensive practical experience make her speeches more authoritative and persuasive. By sharing her own insights and experiences, she lets the audience feel her passion and dedication to psychology. Her lecture is not only a transfer of knowledge, but also a spiritual enlightenment and guidance.
At the end of the speech, the audience stood up and gave warm applause and appreciation to Li Weijia. Her lecture not only provided people with valuable psychological knowledge and solutions to problems, but more importantly, gave them hope and courage to face and overcome loneliness. Her speech is not only a feast of knowledge, but also a heart-warming journey.
Through Li's efforts and dedication, she not only provided mental health counseling for teenagers in schools, but also spread psychological knowledge and care to more people through we-media platforms and volunteer work. Her love and contribution have brought about a positive impact on society, inspiring more people to pay attention to and attach importance to mental health. Her story is an inspiring example that encourages everyone to pursue their passions in their field and use their expertise and experience to help others.
At the end of the speech, participants actively asked the two speakers questions about psychology, like what academic background is required to study psychology and how to promote parent-child relationship. The two speakers explained these problems one by one, so that the students and parents participating in the activity had a preliminary understanding of psychology.
At the same time, we also set up a variety of entertainment activities, such as board games, karaoke contest, etc., so that students get a good chance to relax after learning. These activities also encourage students to cooperate with each other to cultivate their teamwork and interpersonal skills.
We also offered self-defense courses and invited professional trainer to teach self-defense skills to students who are about to study abroad, so that students can get away from or fight back if they are or may be violated.
Finally, at the end of the activity, we awarded prizes jointly provided by Youying International and China Carbon Control Technology Network to each student who participated. We are also committed to holding more psychology lectures so that more people can understand the knowledge of psychology, at the same time, we sincerely welcome you to consult with us.
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